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Buying zineryt oys, with the intent that, during upcoming war, the zamorin might be able to buy the mining equipment mine on a planet. I believe this was because of some misunderstanding about the nature of zamorin government's relationship to the miners [sic], which was at that time quite strained. I'm sure we could have settled it, but it's not as bad the misunderstanding suggests it is. zamorin government will be buying a lot more of the mining equipment than that, and not just of its own citizens but other races as well. The actual purchase price will be negotiated in the future, but even at current exchange rate the deal is a fair one; they'll be paying for our equipment and help but only in part, and it won't be a terribly burdensome amount. I can see them putting it right back in our pockets as soon we've made some profit. Dirk: So then what is the point of attack? Fuzzbug: That's my problem, it's not obvious. Dirk: Okay…so we could buy some mining equipment…but it'd mean the zamorin would have to start the next war… Fuzzbug: That's not the point! zemarians are just a lot wealthier than we are, and they'll be able to buy up a lot of zamorin colonies and extract a lot more resources. The cost of a military strike is really expensive, and besides that you're just asking the zemarians to take your land without any compensation, so why would they agree? Dirk: Well…that's the kind of situation where you have to use a force that doesn't actually benefit you, which would be much cheaper than what you've been doing… Fuzzbug: What?! I did not say that! didn't even imply Dirk: This sounds more like you have an idea but are putting your money behind it before you know what happens than it actually is. Fuzzbug: Why?! I'd like to think I have an idea but if I do I'd like it to be informed by something that isn't this…the Zemarian Army! Dirk: Okay, fair enough. I'm not sure that can possibly be… Advertisements You might remember my post on the "Rationalization Game", which is basically a series of questions designed to get you as close humanly possible to justifying exactly how a given claim is true. It's not always a particularly great use of time, but every now and then, a little bit of rationality can be just what an argument needs. In this particular context, I like trying to ask "what do we really know" and if what we know has a problem with it. First, some history regarding the "I don't know" response: As far back I can remember, we have been told that what we "know" is "everything", and anything beyond that is "nothing". This has some strange implications for our understanding of scientific and mathematical theories (e.g., we know everything there is to about the laws of quantum mechanics,)

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