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Sildenafil pills online for several years, but had to resort using a condom because doctor had not prescribed the drugs. They then found that the sex was enjoyable and that it didn't require as much time to be turned on as they thought. Many reported having a new sense of empowerment and control through the new approach. Most of women reported that the pill had helped them sleep, and several even said it made them feel stronger, more like a real woman. To read more on the amazing results from these women, click HERE A new study now indicates that a combination of pills and an intrauterine device (IUD) can help women improve sexual performance and decrease the risk of infertility. study, led by Dr. Paul Thorne of the Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, tested the impact of two methods being used in the US for preventing pregnancy, intrauterine devices or IUDs. About 3% of American women would like to try or already use a combined oral contraceptive. The trial found that a combination of oral contraceptives, containing several different hormones, could provide the extra benefits of pill without the side effects. results show that oral contraceptives with a combination of two types progestins could reduce sexual desire, and also increase the risk of infertility. According to the researchers, these findings might help doctors decide when to begin prescribing the pill, and help women understand the full effects of pill. You can read the story about research pill in the February 2004 issue of Vibe, HERE. If you would like to know more about the pill and what it is like to take it, click HERE. A doctor named Peter Brownlee and his wife Jill came from America to Australia help a poor African couple. They set up the Brownlee Foundation to help them with their healthcare and to bring medical costs down. The Foundation started with $12,000 left over from Peter, and it has grown to be an incredible source of assistance for needy families in New South Wales. The goal of foundation is to provide $50 million in medical assistance each year and to educate Australians on the dangers of poverty and need for health care. To keep track of how much money they have raised, click HERE. A group of hackers are attempting to launch a massive attack on large number of servers owned by Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter, and more, in an attempt to take down the servers for a variety of internet services. Hackers from the group known as Fsociety are targeting Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter, and others ahead of an anniversary the first Wikileaks release with its leak of over 250,000 Pentagon documents. They're attempting to take down those services before the anniversary occurs and release stolen data onto the public. There's currently no evidence as to why the attacks are happening, though some believe the hacker group may try to send a message that it's not going to get away with the current cyber attack against Sony Pictures. "We hope that those companies and governments which will be hosting the stolen data do not ignore their obligations to cooperate with law enforcement and to protect customers assets from hackers and their criminal activities," wrote Fsociety in a Pastebin document obtained by Motherboard. Fsociety did not disclose how much funding was behind the attack, though it claims to.

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