Apple MacBook Keyboard Repair in Exeter

Welcome to the blog. We thought it would be interesting to talk about some of the repair work we
have been doing. Last week we had the interesting case of the Apple MacBook Pro that went totally doolally! The computer was making strange boing noises, files were moving around and doing strange things, even the desktop background picture changed! Of course, after not very much diagnosis, it was very clear what had happened. Someone, how shall remain nameless, had spilt some form of drink into the computer causing it to have multiple stuck keys. After many days drying out and it still not working, there is only one solution, keyboard replacement.

Now then, replacing a keyboard in a Apple MacBook Pro is not a very fun job. Because of the beautiful unibody design of the MacBook Pro, you will appreciate that the keys on the keyboard actually poke through the holes in the chassis. What this means is that to replace the keyboard, the entire guts of the computer has to come out. Only then can you remove the 40 or so screws that attach it to the inside of the chassis!

So in conclusion, it’s a lot of work, so please don’t knock a drink over your Apple Macintosh. However if you do need some help, please contact your local Apple Mac repairs expert in Exeter on 01392 690456.

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