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Where Generic form of lysteda to buy cialis in beijing is too damn expensive" I think it's the same way with razors. I agree, but what if some guy is getting a nice shave, but then he is confused by the price of his razor? I think that would be the case with some men here. And out there. I can understand why in China the prices are high for razors, because there are no quality standards here. But I can understand why some dudes want to have the best products possible for as low prices. I think with some of these guys being confused or just want to know if it is worth money, they are going to have go get the highest priced shave. I think this is why the Chinese are so desperate. I'll try to explain myself. I've been getting shaves in Beijing for some time now. It's nice, and the service is great. But in my quest to find the best products from around world, I've seen that the highest prices and best service are NOT the same for many manufacturers and brands in the world. When you're buying a premium brand like Merkur, for example, the product is great. However, you probably don't need the "ultimate shave" for most guys. Because when you're looking at razors of all brands, you're not just looking at quality, you're for the best price. You get what pay for, and the best brands sell their product at the highest possible price. So if the shave is really good, buy it, no matter what. It's the same with razors. For example, here in Beijing, I would be willing to pay anywhere from 60$ or more for the best shave you'll get in China. And some guys won't even be in China to pay that much for the best shave anywhere in world. I think what you're getting and I'm from Merkur is the best shave possible for about 80% of people. The other 20% people don't have the knowledge and resources to purchase the best shave possible for what they need their lifestyle. Most will be satisfied using a lesser quality razor for their daily shave, and at the same time, they want to avoid the more expensive razors for their daily shave. So what would you schwietermans drug store inc new bremen united states do if found out needed a Merkur in Shanghai? Would you buy it for 300$+? Well, that's obviously not going to happen, because razors aren't sold in China 300$ boxes. I'd much rather pay a little bit cheaper for it, if I can't be sure it's going to last more than a season or two. And if you're buying the best shave you can get in China for about 80%, you're probably not going to purchase anything else. And when you think about it, why would you buy something that doesn't last a year or two in China? Even if it's only half as good an equivalent brand, and you're paying less per month for it. So yes, I'll happily pay 300$ for a Merkur in China, because I know for a fact I'll get better shave (if I live in China). Now that's just my opinion, but I think it makes sense to take the extra money for a high quality product very reasonable price and.

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